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Our Services


AAHSA provides a broad range of for Educational Centers, participating persons and corporations inside and outside of the United States.

Some of the Services for Students, Institutions, and Education Professionals include:

  • U.S. Education Institutions Student placement assistance

  • Institution Development and Improvement
  • Education Experts

  • U.S. Study Tours for Students, Teachers, Principals, & Education Leaders

  • International Study Tours for Students, Teachers, Principals, & Education Leaders
  • Language Programs and Culture Summer Camps

  • Accreditation for Schools servicing grades  6-12 + Adult

  • New School and Educational Program Development

  • Evaluation of Programs, Courses, Curricula, Instruction, Assessments, and/or Institution

  • Accountability and School Reform Systems for Governments, Corporations, and Schools

  • Partner Schools Worldwide

  • Recruitment of American Teachers and Principals

  • International Education Leadership Certificate Program

  • Development and Improvement

  • Conferences, Workshops, and Classes

  • Consulting Experts in all fields of Education

  • Special intensive Training Courses for Teachers, Principals, Board Members, and other Leaders in Education, including Government Officials and University Professors