History of Acceptance

History of Acceptance

 AAHSA’s acceptance among the academic community is best explained in terms of our unique accreditation process to that of other accrediting organizations. Since accreditation in the U.S is not a legal obligation rather than a self-determining process schools or programs take on their own accord; it is up to those who rely on the accredited status upon comparing it to its own policies. Many depend on the accreditation status of a private school as an assessment of professionalism and educational competency like: college & universities, standardized tests groups, grantor's, transfers institutions, U.S military, curriculum publishers, parents, students, etc.
Back in 1995 a meeting held between the U.S Department of Education’s office of private education and several private school accrediting agencies seeked to ratify Federal recognition of accreditation programs. U.S Department of Education general ruled that there was no active authority for the department of education to distinguish an elementary through secondary accrediting agencies such as regional associations that accredit private & public schools.

How Being Accepted Works

Private schools that are accepted by an accreditation agency are given incentives that help promote their accreditation such as: certified documents of accreditation seal that validates their transcripts and access to publicly promote the schools accredited status which is verifiable by a third party. Since the state is legally limited on its authority to interfere with the business of private schools, states can not necessarily obligate accreditation approval, and acceptance by way of listing a private school or any accrediting organization. Several organizations that accredit private schools have various programs requirements and quality standards.

Differences that Exist Between Accreditation Associations How it Affects Acceptance

Since there are so many different accreditation agencies and private schools institutions and programs; the overflow of these businesses has produced a unique form of acceptance throughout the educational community. It is the right of the receiving institution to deny or accept transfer credits, transcripts, and diplomas from private schools according to its own requirements. A particular schools staff or accreditation agency should answer information regarding the current accredited status of a private school or accrediting agency. To find out whether or not the accredited status of a private school is accepted contact the entity that seeks to rely on the accredited status for its stated purpose. According to the US Constitution accrediting agencies operate under the same freedoms as the private school industry.

The admissions officer of the receiving school can answer the acceptance of transfer credits. Information concerning any schools accredited programs should be addressed to the specific program’s director in that particular site.

AAHSA’s Acceptance & Maintenance of Acceptance

All American High School Association Inc. makes no claims to the contrary declaring its acceptance, by any specific state or public school district for its various purposes. Several entities are not legally obligated to accept at face value any accredited status issued by any government agency, state, private or public transfer institution, community college, parent, student, etc. Your accredited status by AAHSA does not assure your acceptance with everyone in the educational community. Seeking All American High School Association Inc. accreditation promotes to the public of your voluntary action of self-evaluation by an independent third party. By doing so may enhance your schools - programming mission

AAHSA’s Accreditation makes an annual effort to uphold its standards and acceptance by

  •  Contacting the Department of Education in all 50 states every year and request the following: 
  • To be recorded on the department ‘s list of organizations 
  • Request to be listed on their education directory 
  • Request to be listed on their web site 
  • Offer to place our accreditation process on file in its entirety for interested prospects to view